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Ugh. I have been sick for a week now. I went to see my awesome doctor, Dr. Stockstill, today, and, besides having a cold with very irritated vocal chords, I am in great health. Yay! If I can just get over this cold, I would be so happy. I rarely get sick, and, usually, when I get a cold, it only lasts a few days. Hence why I feel miserable. :( Thankfully, he gave me some medicine to help with the coughing and congestion. Once I get over this cold, I am going to start taking some vitamins faithfully or find a natural way to get all of my vitamins and minerals through fruits and vegetables each day. Also, if you felt I have been a bit distant the past week, this is why. I wouldn't wish this cold on anyone. :(

Besides hacking up my lungs, I have been knitting my Christmas gifts. I only have one gift done, but I am determined to get them all finished before Christmas. I currently have to make 3 pairs of socks, 3 hats, and 1 shawl... Wish me luck!

I have also been playing the new Batman (Arkham City)...a lot. And I mean A LOT. It is SO good! The graphics are incredible (too incredible when it shows close-ups of the Joker's sick face *shudders*), the dialogue of the characters is on-point (and sometimes hilarious, like when the Joker called Batman and talked about their sexual tension), and the plot is very interesting! Plus, you get to play with Catwoman and Robin (who is hot!, shocking, I know!), which is like playing another game in itself. I give this game a 10 out of 10! :)

As far as school is concerned, I have yet to hear back from Tulane. :( Since my brother works for the admission's office, I'm going to ask him about my application. I'm hoping that they are reviewing it for the spring semester, but we will see...For now, I'm working on applications to the Public Health schools in Houston, Dallas, and Little Rock, as well as the Physician Assistant school in Shreveport. Hopefully I will get into one of the schools for the spring. It's good to take a break when you need it, but it's also good to continue to pursue your dreams and future career. For me, I want to own a clinic (in its entirety), which means that I will need to get a Masters in Public Health so that I can run the business part of my clinic. I also have fleeting fantasies of FINALLY creating my manga that I have been planning since I was 10. I figured that if that story and characters have stuck with me since I was 10 that God has some plan for it in some way in my life. :)


friends only
This will be the only public post I will have on my journal for now on. It's not me, it's you. Just kidding.:D I just want to make my journal friends only after what Sweet told me.^_^'' Anyway, if you want to befriend me, leave a comment. It'll be best if you e-mailed me, though. I will get it faster that way.

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